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Two-day practical workshop on breast lesion biopsy

Holding a two-day practical workshop on “Evaluation of micro-biopsy of breast lesions” by Cypress Group Asia Abzar Teb Asia Company, Sama Ayandegan Diagnosis and Therapist, in continuation of its scientific-educational development programs, plans to hold a two-day practical workshop on the “examination of micro-biopsy of breast lesions”. This workshop with a new set of slides prepared by Dr. Kadivar’s team will be held on May 10 and 11 at the Pathology Association, and those interested can register through the association’s website. It is worth mentioning that the mentioned workshop also has 7 retraining points. Venue: Tehran, Tohid Square, Shahid Toosi St., not far from Dr. Gharib St., No. 63, Unit

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