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شرکت طب مهر البرز- زیر مجموعه هلدینگ سدار ایرانیان
Tab Mehr Alborz

Medical Equipment and Laboratory Kits Production Company

Tab Mehr Alborz Development and Medical Equipment Company is a private, knowledge-based firm that initiated its operations as an independent entity in the year 2020. The company's sphere of operations encompasses the production of laboratory diagnostic equipment and kits, molecular and genetic disease detection, provision of laboratory quality control materials, import and export, as well as research pursuits.


Leveraging Global Knowledge and Technologies


Engagement of Specialized and Diligent Workforce


Production and Offering of Quality and Knowledge-Based Products

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Mehr Alborz Medical Company

Mehr Alborz Medical Company prides itself on leveraging valuable experiences and a successful scientific and technical team in the realm of molecular diagnostics. Employing creativity and innovation in product manufacturing and utilizing professional tools, the company aims to catalyze a positive and innovative transformation in the development of molecular diagnostic kits. In line with this vision and driven by state-of-the-art technologies, the company adopts a developmental and applied strategy to introduce and offer high-quality products, prioritizing customer satisfaction within the medical and laboratory community.



The mission of Mehr Alborz Medical Company revolves around responsible participation in community health and hygiene preservation. Upholding stringent quality standards, the company endeavors to elevate its standing in the realm of medical and laboratory services within the country.



Aligned with a developmental and applied approach in sync with world-class technologies, prioritizing the highest quality while focusing on customer satisfaction, and offering tailored sales and after-sales services, the company introduces and presents products of exceptional quality to the medical and laboratory community.

شرکت طب مهر البرز- زیر مجموعه هلدینگ سدار ایرانیان

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