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شرکت سما تشخیص آریا-زیر مجموعه-هلدینگ سدار
Sama Tashkhis Aria

Laboratory Equipment, Trading and Management Company

Sama Tashkhis Aria Company was established in 2016 with a steadfast commitment to enhancing the precision and quality of diagnostics within the healthcare and medical sectors of our nation. The company primarily focuses on delivering products within the realm of pathology laboratories, emphasizing diagnostic and supplementary tests. It initiated its operations in this domain in 2016. In its initial steps, Sama Tashkhis Aria Company, as the exclusive representative of Master Dignositca company, introduced an innovative array of IHC antibodies, boasting excellent quality, reasonable pricing, and a diverse panel with various volumes to the Iranian market. This introduction was accomplished through the presentation of immunohistochemistry products.


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Sama Tashkhis Aria

Sama Tashkhis Arya Company strives to fulfill specialized and supplementary pathology tests, addressing the prevailing requirements within laboratory centers. This objective is pursued by augmenting the product range with diagnostic kits, including CISH, FITC antibodies, FISH probes, and Lymphoma kits sourced from Master Diagnostics.


In the subsequent phase, Sama Tashkhis Arya Company made the strategic decision to broaden its product offerings by integrating flow cytometry antibodies into the portfolio available to its customers. Moreover, the company has successfully obtained exclusive representation rights for Cytognos, a prominent global entity in this domain. Cytognos collaborates closely with the EuroFlow consortium, contributing to the development of novel diagnostic and research kits alongside antibodies.



Establishing a dynamic and responsive entity to enhance efficiency, quality, and the accuracy of diagnosis within the healthcare and medical sectors of our country.



By collaborating and consulting with doctors, researchers, and specialists, the company aims to streamline the entry of quality goods into Iran. Through these collaborations, it strives to alleviate the concerns of medical and research centers.

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