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In 2007, Sarve Payedar Trading Group established its first company with the business field of foreign trade and importation of laboratory equipment and devices (exclusively) and other permitted trade goods in general under the name "Tabasmed Asia" and after that By taking advantage of modern management methods and using experienced human resources, he was able to establish his next companies by getting numerous agencies in all parts of the world, and finally in 2015, a holding company named "Sarve Payedar Irnanian" (Cedar) started his activity at the head of the collection.

Sarve Payedar Irnanian holding currently has 12 subsidiary companies and about 100 personnel working in all companies.

The main goals of this company in the domestic market are the supply and distribution of all goods, equipment, devices, laboratory consumables, medical, dental, orthopedic and imaging equipment. Laboratory and medical consumables.

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We at Cedar are determined to develop professional standards in the industry with innovation in providing services and thus become the first choice of customers in the domestic and regional markets. As a dynamic organization, we try to focus on customer needs and adapting to changes in the business environment, so that other companies can measure their performance compared to us.

We have a long-term vision in our dream, we adhere to the principles of professional ethics and the values of our group, and based on this, we try to never sacrifice the quality and distinction in providing services for temporary profitability.
Trying to expand the presence in the market by improving the quality of products and providing after-sales services to customers and getting their satisfaction is one of the main goals of this company. As a specialized institution active in the field of commercial services, we strive to meet the needs of customers in the domestic and regional markets in the shortest possible time and with a distinct quality.

We will achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by relying on the creativity and knowledge of our employees, integrity and teamwork, and take advantage of the opportunities ahead and dream of establishing a world-class business holding.

We strive to create a motivating environment for the group and encourage people, appreciate their performance, give appropriate rewards to employees, and respect and value all people at all levels of the organization.


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Board of Directors

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It is impossible to achieve the vision goals of Cedar company without planning, therefore, in order to achieve such an important goal, all the managers and employees of the company assume the principle of compliance with the general policy of the company and its implementation is a self-evident and necessary matter. They consider:
With trust in God Almighty, we use all our "power, effort and resourcefulness" in order to satisfy the creator and creation.
We consider "good words, good thoughts, and good deeds" to be the main principle in maintaining human dignity, and we have prioritized customer service in our relationships.
We have assumed "continuous value creation for our customers", shareholders and colleagues to be our ideal.
We consider "the use of new knowledge and technologies" in order to provide the most up-to-date and efficient products as a matter of course and necessary for a sustainable service.
We have considered ourselves "committed to having the highest quality standards" in providing products and services to our customers, and we have placed the continuous control of activities and processes that affect quality at the top of our affairs.
We "prepare, produce and improve our products and services based on the needs of our customers and with their opinions".
We consider it our duty to "continually recognize and pay special attention to the obvious and hidden needs of our customers" with the aim of continuously improving their satisfaction.
We consider "human resources as a moral, social and occupational belief with the approach of improving their knowledge and skills" and we consider the implementation of effective training as the most important capital and the fundamental factor of San's organizational growth and excellence.
We consider "continuing the success of sustainable cedar in sustainable development and preserving the environment" and taking care of it a valuable thing.
We consider "opinions, suggestions and criticisms as one of the strategic opportunities for the growth of Cedar and the improvement of internal organizational processes".

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