About Cedar (CEDAR Trading Group)

CEDAR Trading Group established its first subsidiary company in 2007 with the field of foreign trading and import of laboratory equipment and devices (exclusively) and other authorized commercial goods in general under the name of “Teb Abzar Asia” (TABASMED) and after that, utilizing new management methods and using experienced human resources, it was able to establish its next subsidiary companies by taking distributorship from numerous well-known companies in all parts of the world, and finally in 2016, the holding company with the title of “Cedar Holding” started its activity at the top of the complex. Cedar Holding currently has 11 subsidiaries and about 100 employees who are employed in all subsidiary companies. The main objectives of this company in the domestic market are the supply and distribution of all goods, equipment, devices, laboratory consumables, medical equipment, dentistry, orthopedics and imaging. Through the foreign purchasing division, the import of all authorized commercial goods, especially equipment, devices and laboratory and medical consumables are carried out. At Cedar Holding, we strive to develop professional standards in the industry by innovating in service delivery, thus becoming the first choice of customers in the domestic and regional markets. As a dynamic organization, we commit to focus on customer needs and adapt to changes in the business environment, so that other companies can measure their performance compared to ours.

We have a long-term vision, we adhere to the principles of professional ethics and the values ​​of our collection, and based on this, we try never to sacrifice quality and distinction in providing services for cross-sectional profitability.

Efforts to expand market presence by improving the quality of products and providing after-sales service to customers and their satisfaction is one of the main goals of the company. As a specialized institution active in the field of commercial services, we attempt to meet the needs of customers in the domestic and regional market in the shortest possible time and with distinctive quality.

We act in such a way that, by utilizing accountability and responsibility, honesty, fidelity, attention to the needs of all customers and commitment to provide the promised services, we gain the trust of customers and make Cedar an integral part of their businesses. Our assets are our experts, our capital and our reputation.

Relying on the creativity and knowledge of our staff, integration and teamwork, we will achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, and take advantage of the opportunities ahead and dream of establishing a world-class business holding company.

We take pride in our employees, and by relying on their knowledge and experience, we expand the scope of our activities to the extent that we can use the opportunities in a reasonable way and achieve a decent return. We are always committed to taking advantage of synergistic innovations by establishing long-term relationships with individuals and groups. In this way we can fulfill our responsibility and commitment.

We strive to create a motivating environment for the community and to encourage people, to value performance, to reward employees appropriately, and to respect and value all people at all levels of the organization.

Cedar Trading Group

National ID: 14006415429 – Registration Number: 502492 – Established Date: 09/24/2016

    Chairman of the Board: Chrome Abzar Parseh Company with national ID 14004428649 with the representation of Dr. Seyed Ahmad Moghaddasi

    Vice Chairman of the Board: Darman Negar Ayandegan Company with national ID 14003898436 with the representation of Mr. Ali Zafarghandi Motlagh

    Managing Director and Member of the Board: Teb Abzar Asia Company with National ID 10103428456, represented by Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Moradian

    Member of the Board of Directors: Sama Tashkhis Aria Company with national ID 14006098363 with the representation of Mr. Saeed Darjazini

    Member of the Board of Directors: Farmand Danesh Abzar Company with national ID 14006297194, represented by Mr. Ali Bayat


Achieving the goals of the organizational vision of Cedar Holding is impossible without planning, and implementing the plans is considered necessary:

We use all our “power, effort and resourcefulness” to satisfy the customers’ demand.

We consider “honesty” as the original principle in maintaining human dignity and we have made customer orientation the priority of our relations.

We consider “continuous value creation for customers”, shareholders and partners to be sustainable.

We consider the “use of new knowledge and technologies” to provide our most up-to-date and efficient products as a matter of course and necessary for sustainable service.

We are “committed to having the highest quality standards” in providing our products and services to our customers, and we put the continuous control of activities and processes that affect quality as our top priority.

We “prepare, produce and promote our products and services based on customer needs” considering their feedback.

We consider it “continuous identification and special attention to the obvious and hidden needs of customers”, with the aim of continuously improving their satisfaction.

We consider “human resources as an ethical, social and professional belief with the approach of improving their level of knowledge and skills” and consider the implementation of effective training as the most important asset and the basic factor of organizational growth and excellence.

We “value the continued success of sustainable service in sustainable development and environmental protection” and value its care.

We consider “comments, suggestions and criticisms as one of the strategic opportunities for sustainable growth and improvement of internal processes”.