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Detection System

Vitro Company has special and complete immunohistochemical staining kits with all the required buffers and solutions, which include a wide range of different staining. Painting kits include the following:

Proxblase Blocking / Polymer HRP / Amplifier / DAB or AP / Enhancer

Types of Detection System:

Master DAB chromogen detection system Brown

Master AP chromogen detection system (Red)

Master AEC chromogen detection system

Dual staining system (AP, DAB, Brown & Red colors)

Immunohistochemical solutions and buffers:

Tris-EDTA Buffer 10X-PH9

Citrate Buffer 10X-PH6

EDTA Buffer 10X-PH8

Phosphate Bufferd Saline (pbs)

TBS Buffer 10X

TBS TWEEN 20 Buffer 10X

Antibody Diluent

Peroxidase Blocking Reagent

Pepsin (for antigen retrieval)

IHC Ancillaries:


Slide Staining Tray

Slide Jar and Basket

Positive Charged Slides