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Nowadays, it is not easy to arrange a time to visit a doctor like before, because of the coronavirus pandemic and the increased workload. Therefore, people required a solution for these problems. Cedar Holding Medical Group provides laboratory, clinical, nursing, and paraclinical services at your place.

Pregnant Mothers Screening Services

In general, every family should pay special attention to some factors when trying for a baby. Factors that can affect a child’s future life. Among the issues that should be considered are the types of infections, deficiencies, metabolic diseases, etc. One of the main ways to deal with these diseases is the regular screening of mothers during pregnancy.

Prenatal screening is divided into three stages. Before pregnancy, the first trimester and the second trimester. Each course is for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of a specific category of diseases and disorders. Prenatal screening examines the mother in general so that the mother and fetus do not have an acute problem in the future. Both the mother and the newborn are also checked after delivery. The newborn is usually monitored for up to ten days.

Who should be screened?

It is recommended that all pregnant women be screened. Because some diseases have no symptoms in parents.

What tests do pre-pregnancy screening involve?

Anemia, determination of mother’s blood type, Rh type, thyroid, blood sugar, urea and creatinine, blood prolactin, vitamin D3 level, rubella, toxoplasmosis, infectious diseases (such as VDRL, Hepatitis, HIV, etc.), urine test (analysis and culture), pelvic examination, Pap smear and HPV test (genital warts).

What screening tests are typically done in the first trimester?

Typically, first-trimester screening is done between weeks 11 and 14 of pregnancy. First-trimester screening is a combination of an NT ultrasound and maternal blood testing.

What do the screening results of the first trimester mean? 

The results are classified into three categories: high risk, medium risk, and low risk. Suspicious and risky results are referred to the second-trimester screening.

All parents are offered the opportunity to have their baby screened for a number of disorders that can affect a child’s long-term health or survival. Fortunately, many of these problems can be prevented by screening today. Hi Teb, as a reliable reference, provides all the screening tests at your place.

Newborn Screening Services

Newborn screening is one of the greatest achievements of medicine. The goal of neonatal screening is to diagnose a variety of metabolic diseases. Metabolic diseases include very dangerous genetic diseases that can be life-threatening. Delayed screening and not diagnosing the disease can lead to intellectual disability and motor disability. Responsible parents should investigate all of these issues and screen their babies.

HSE services

One of the most interesting and best services offered by “Hi Teb” is the HSE group service. These services include disinfection of the environment and equipment, providing a health package for film projects, and occupational medicine. For example, cinema projects can guarantee the health of their group and location by receiving these services. Because “Hai Teb” controls all aspects by sending a doctor, performing Corona tests, and various health protocols.

COVID-19 Tests

COVID-19 is no longer a new issue and its fear has been with us for a year. Since the outbreak of the virus, most health organizations have issued warnings. Warnings forbidding patients and people from going to the laboratories. Because crowded laboratory environments can lead to Covid-19 infection. Therefore, people who have symptoms need safe tests.

The medical team of Hi-Teb provides all types of COVID-19 tests. The tests include PCR, Antibody, and COVID-19 testing for travelers. The results of all the tests will be available as soon as possible. It should also be noted that Hi-Teb provides a list of necessary protocols for patients with the test result.

Nursing services

one of the best services provided by Cedar Holding Medical Group is nursing services. Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable sections of society because they need all kinds of care during the day. It is somewhat difficult for these groups to receive nursing services because families are very obsessed with this issue. They are looking for a responsible and reliable person. Cedar Holding Medical Group currently provides nursing services to patients, the elderly, and children.

In the end

Nowadays, providing such services as a doctor at home and home testing is becoming more and more popular. Hence, the number of applicants for this method is increasing day by day. Everyone can benefit from the extensive services of Hi-Teb because all these services are provided with the aim of health promotion and saving time. You can find out about all the services of this medical group by visiting the “Hi Teb” website.